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Daimay Automotive Interior Co.,Ltd
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Global Business Network

Global Business Network

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Production Bases
Shanghai Pudong: Company headquarters, mainly producing sun visor assemblies, steering wheel assemblies, seat headrest assemblies and ceiling reading light control box assemblies.
Zhejiang Zhoushan: Mainly producing vehicle seats, sun visors, steering wheels and headrests.
Tianjin: Mainly producing vehicle seats.
  Overseas Branches
America Detroit, Germany Hamburg, South Korea Incheon: Providing local clients with supports and services on technology, project development, quality and logistics.
  Business Networks
North America: the United States, Canada, Mexico
Europe: Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Sweden, Poland, Turkey, Russia, Uzbekistan, Czech Republic
Asia:China, Japan, South Korea, India, Thailand
South America: Brazil
Oceania: Australia